Classic Clean Anti-dandruff

For Flake Free Hair

Simplicity is key.

Who needs bells and whistles when there are essentials that get the job done?

Essentials that work efficiently and produce incomparable results. There’s no better doer than Pert, the two in one shampoo and conditioner that gives your hair all it needs to be its cleanest, healthiest, and looking its best. It’s a favorite for being the quick shower solution and great results with every use. Itchy and dry scalps, rejoice!

Classic Clean Anti-Dandruff is the formula and fragrance you know and love – no-frills, just that fresh feeling, but with an added perk. Specially formulated to tackle and reduce dandruff. A dynamic formula that’s gentle enough for regular use. Look for our larger size (25.4 ounces) for even more time-saving convenience. Pert Original 2-in-1 and still the best.

For normal hair types begin with a dime-size amount of 2 in 1 in hand. Begin to work product into hair evenly using fingers to continue working product all over. Make sure to massage scalp for at least thirty seconds to help fully remove debris, dead skin, and promote scalp health. Fully rinse and enjoy great hair.  

Available in 13.5 oz. and 25.4 oz.

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